2011 Slam Dunk Contest Recap: The Video Highlights

2011 Slam Dunk Contest Recap: The Video Highlights

Written by Zach

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Blake Griffin was the winner in last night’s Slam Dunk Contest was a great one. After a night of spectacular dunks including Blake Griffin jumping over a car, Serge Ibaka grabbing a stuffed animal hanging from the rim with his teeth, DeMar DeRozan catching a pass off the side of the backboard and going through the legs, and JaVale McGee with a triple dunk. There was talks of the Slam Dunk contest not being quite what it used to be, but last night debunked that myth.

Round 1

DeMar DeRozan – East Bay Funk Remix

DeRozan catches a pass off the side of the backboard, brings it through his legs and throws it down.

Score 44

Serge Ibaka – Free Throw Dunk

Ibaka came out with a full court run and legit behind the foul line dunk, an amazing feat for someone with his height.

Score 45

JaVale McGee – Double Basket

McGee brought out a second basket for this dunk.  After a few missed attempts, he bounced one ball off the backboard, caught it and dunked one ball in each hoop.

Score 50

Blake Griffin – 360 Pull Back

Griffin took his turn next, and threw down a 360 bringing the ball back behind his head and stuffed it with both hands.

Score 49

Round 2

DeMar DeRozan – The Showstopper

DeRozan really did bring the show to a stop with his second dunk, a lob which he caught with one hand and brought it around before slamming it down.

Score 50

Serge Ibaka – Teddy Bear

Ibaka’s second dunk started with a kid asking Ibaka if he could get his toy which was stuck in the rim.


Score 45

Blake Griffin – Windmill off the Backboard

Griffin first attempted an off the backboard reverse spin dunk, he ended up resorting to catching the pass off the backboard and throwing down a powerful windmill dunk.

Score 46

JaVale McGee – Three Balls

Again trying to push the limits of the contest, McGee attempted the three ball dunk.  With a ball in each hand and a pass from a teammate, he dunked three balls in one jump.

Score 50

The Finals – Round 1

Blake Griffin – Elbow Hanger

Griffin did what he does best with his second dunk, bouncing the ball off the backboard, getting sky high and throwing it down so hard he hung on the rim with his elbow.

Voters Decide the Score

JaVale McGee – Under the Basket

McGee again shows off his skills with a stylish underneath the rim one handed dunk.

Voters Decide the Score

The Finals – Round 2

Blake Griffin – Over a Car

As we alluded to on the Vertical Dunk Twitter and Facebook pages, Griffin brought out a car to jump over for his final dunk.  Maybe not the most difficult dunk, but Griffin made it look good.

Voters Decide the Score

JaVale McGee – One Handed Catch

It seemed like McGee used up his creative dunks in the previous rounds after a few misses, caught a pass off the backboard to throw down a one hander.

Voters Decide the Score

The Decision

68 percent of the voters chose Blake Griffin to be the 2011 Slam Dunk contest champion.  I wish we could have seen a few more dunks from DeRozan, something great for McGee’s final dunk, and Griffin’s first attempts go in.  In the end though, it was a great contest with four high flying dunkers that did not disappoint.  I’m just hoping Griffin and McGee are both back in the contest for 2012.

What was your favorite dunk of the night?  Leave a comment!

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